Tax Credits for Donations to Voluntary Organisations

by , on May 03, 2024 10:52:39 AM

Donations to Voluntary Organisations Rules - Explained The recent publication of Legal Notice 86 of 2024 introduced the Donations to Voluntary Organisations Rules, 2024 (referred to as "the Rules"). Such...

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Influencer Marketing – Are Consumers Protected?

by , on Apr 02, 2024 07:56:52 AM

Protection for Consumers from Sponsored Posts on Social Media In the realm of business, advertising holds paramount importance, serving as a vital tool for traders to convey information about their...

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Empowering Workers: Unveiling Malta’s Digital Platform Delivery Wages Order

by , on Jan 18, 2024 10:30:58 AM

Empowering Workers: Unveiling Malta's Digital Platform Delivery Wages Order Introduction Malta has recently introduced the Digital Platform Delivery Wages Order to address issues related to precarious work. This article provides...

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