Small-to-medium Sized Enterprises may Apply for a Maximum Reimbursement of €1,500 for Trademark Fees

by , on Apr 12, 2022 08:00:34 AM

A grant scheme aimed at aiding small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) established within the European Union (EU) in registering their intellectual property rights, has been launched by the European Commission. Such scheme, referenced as the ‘Ideas Powered for business SME Fund’, is being adopted by the European Union Intellectual Property Office, and shall run up until the 16th December of 202. By means of such initiative, SMEs may save up to €2,250.

The SME Fund operates in the form of a reimbursement programme which provides vouchers that can be utilised to cover trademark and design costs to a certain extent, and patent fees as well. A maximum of €1,500 may be made use of for trademark and designs costs, whilst a maximum of €750 may be made use of for patent fees. 

The SME Fund may be utilised for national, EU, and international trademark registrations, and national patent registrations as well. Applications may be submitted by SME owners, authorised employees, or their representatives. 

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