Industry - Specific conditions of employment

While the Employment and Industrial Relations Act and National Standard Orders issued thereunder establish conditions of employment which are generally applicable to all employees, Wage Regulation Orders apply to particular sectors and industries and provide specific conditions of employment, such as those relating to hours of work, leave entitlement, minimum wage and overtime. There are currently 31 Wage Regulation Orders in force
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  • Cinemas and Theatres Wages Council Wage Regulation Order – S.L. 452.43;
  • Construction Wages Council Wage Regulation Order – S.L. 452.59;
  • Hotels and Clubs Wages Council Wage Regulation Order- S.L. 452.66;
  • Private Security Services Wages Council Wage Regulation Order – S.L. 452.75.

Novolegal may assist with the streamlining of employment contracts to ensure adherence with the general rules of employment and to industry-specific wage regulation orders where thesw are applicable.

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