New measures aimed at reducing the spread of Covid-19 – 2

by , on Aug 25, 2020 05:28:50 AM

Legal Notice 335 of 2020 – Mandatory Use of Medical or Cloth Masks (Amendment No.2) Regulations, 2020

This legal notice amends the Mandatory Use of Medical or Cloth Masks Regulations by amending Regulation 2 which currently states that any person who is:

  1. Inside retail outlets;
  2. Travelling on public transport;
  3. Travelling between Malta and Gozo including the respective Cirkewwa and Imgarr terminals;
  4. Within the terminal building of the Malta International Airport;

shall at all times wear a medical or cloth mask.

This legal notice includes persons who are within the terminal building for passengers travelling by catamaran or by cruise-liners and persons obtaining a service or visiting indoor public places within the scope of regulation and thus must wear a visor, medical or cloth mask at all times. This regulation will come into force on 19th August 2020.