Guilty verdict given on French national rape

by , on Mar 14, 2022 08:00:10 AM

The Maltese Courts found the accused, Eyob Melake Ecobagaber, 31-years-old, from Eritrea, guilty of rape and sentenced him to nine years imprisonment.

A French woman was smoking outside a nightclub in Paceville when she was approached by a man who started talking with her. Two men held down the victim and the accused raped her despite efforts to defend herself while biting, scratching and hitting the two offenders. The rapist tried to escape the police before being taken into custody with the help of bystanders. The victim managed to identify the criminal at the police station.


Police reports show that the girl was in shock, wearing only a bra and a skirt, whilst being also barefoot. After the accident, she was taken to Mater Dei Hospital where she was carefully examined by a gynaecologist who spotted blood in her private parts, as well as scratches on her body which signalled that she was subject to forced sex. In 2018  Eyob Melake Ecobagaber, 31-years-old, from Eritrea was charged with engaging in non-consensual sex, detaining the woman against her will, injuring her, recidivism and committing an offence during the operative period of a conditional discharge; namely, receiving cannabis earlier this month.


The Court found the accused guilty of rape and gave him a sentence of 9 years imprisonment after DNA evidence solidified conviction. He was also ordered to pay the sum of  €3,903.47. 


Author: Stephanie Marinova