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The Malta Employer’s Association has been formally registered as the trade union of employers under the Employment and Industrial Relations Act 2002. Such association has also been licensed as a Higher Education Institution by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority. Having said this, the Association offers a number of prominent courses one of them being the Award in Employment Law Course.

The objective of this course is to give participants a good working knowledge of the local legislation relating to employment and industrial relations including the main changes in the employment legislation. In order to achieve this, the course centres its focus on the Employment and Industrial Relations Act, 2002 along with the various regulations that came about after this legislation. It further aims at guiding its participants through the principles of effective employment practices allowing them to comprehend various implications of employer-employee relations.

One of our own lawyers at Novolegal, Dr Beverly Tonna, has recently been awarded certification for completing the aforementioned course.

Put simply, employment law regulates the relationship between employers and employees. Throughout the years, there have been a number of events that had a global impact, and which have strongly affected the employment sector in general and even through the present times, one can easily note the importance and relevance of employment law.

Novolegal has recognised the significance of maintaining the employer-employee relationship so much so that one of the many practices areas which we cover is in fact employment law and this is done so by dealing with a number of issues some of them being related to work permits, employment agreement, data protection and privacy, incentives and grants as well as dismissals and redundancies.

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