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The Department of Employment and Industrial Relations (DIER) is a Maltese government department which deals with various aspects of the employment in Malta. This department recognises that there are a number of employment conditions which are to be respected by the employer. Amongst these conditions there is the question of wages where overtime is tackled.

Overtime is the time worked in addition to one’s normal working hours.

It has been acknowledged that most sectors have their minimum overtime rates regulated by a Wage Regulation Order (WRO). DIER acknowledges that employees whose overtime rates are not covered by WROs, shall be paid one and a half time the normal rate for overtime.

Amongst the various pieces of legislation pertaining to employment regulations, one can find Subsidiary Legislation 452.66 which focuses on the wages of those working within hotels and clubs. The most recent amendment took place through Legal Notice 464 of 2021.

Legal Notice 464 of 2021 amended a number of WROs. The main purpose behind this legal notice was that of recording and giving effect to an increase in wages of categories of employees as indicated in the schedules of such legal document.

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