Documents Delivered to the Malta Business Registry (MBR)

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Documents Delivered to the Malta Business Registry (MBR)


Malta Business Registry informs customers that it accepts documents not only in paper-format but in electronic as well. All documents that have to be handled to the Registrar may be submitted electronically by using one of the following methods:

  • The Malta Business Registry’s online portal
  • The Malta Business Registry’s electronic submissions’ email address


For submitting documents under the first option, there has to be a registered user on the current online portal. The relevant step-by-step information can be found on .

If a user is found not in possession of a Maltese ID Card or does not hold the necessary infrastructure of a smart card reader, the second possible method can be followed instead. This user is required to have only a valid qualified electronic signature to complete the electronic submission and be able to sign those documents electronically.

It is worth mentioning that once a valid qualified electronic signature is issued by the provider to the user, having verified the identity and necessary credentials, the signature can be used more than once and is generally valid for several months or years.

Note that one cannot submit a scanned handwritten signature as it needs to be a qualified electronic signature which is acceptable for electronic submissions. This means that all forms and documentation that have to be submitted for registration, shall be signed using the respective qualified electronic signature, as issued by a qualified trust service provider.

When all documents are signed, the user can send them on the following email: [email protected] .

Malta Business Registry recommends strongly to submit all your necessary documents and correspondence electronically, unless strictly necessary. If documents are delivered to the office building in Zejtun, one can either hand them over directly to the front office staff or place them in a box which can be found in the office premises.

In case documents are left in the box, one must know that:

  1. All documents shall be accompanied by a covering letter listing all the documents submitted and the name and details of a contact person; and
  2. Be placed in a sealed envelope listing clearly the name of the company/ies in question.

When documents are handled by a courier, in addition to points 1 and 2 above, the envelope must clearly state the name of the Company Service Provider. If envelopes do not comply with those above-mentioned requirements, they will be sent back.

Author: Stephanie Marinova