Dr. Lara Borg



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After graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree and being awarded the Diploma of Notary Public, Lara obtained a Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Malta in December 2015 following the submission of a thesis entitled, “The Prenuptial Agreement- A local and Comparative Study”. Lara was admitted to the Bar in 2016 and awarded a Professional Award in Taxation from the Malta Institute of Taxation in 2018.

After finishing her studies, Lara joined the Civil and Litigation Department in a prominent law firm in Malta in 2015. Her field of practice ranged from family law, property law, succession law, employment law and public procurement. Lara has also advised and assisted a number of public bodies in Malta where she was involved in the drawing up of various request for proposals, concession agreements and tender documents. Lara also developed an expertise in Immigration Law where she assisted numerous clients with the identification of optimal residence and or citizenship solutions. Lara has also advised numerous high net worth individuals with matters in relation to personal tax and wealth management.

Lara embarked on a new journey in 2020 by forming part of novolegal. Lara heads the civil litigation and immigration efforts within the firm. She continues to assist high net worth individuals with advice on residence, citizenship and personal tax.

Lara is a graduate from the University of Malta with a Bachelors of Laws, Diploma of Notary Public, and a Doctorate of Laws, with which subsequently she obtained the warrant to practise law within Malta. After such, she took up a course with Malta Institute of Taxation where she was awarded a Professional Award in Taxation.

  • Admitted to the Maltese Bar (2019)
  • Member of the Chamber of Advocates