Public Procurement Services

The team at novelegal has been involved in the drafting and review of a variety of tender documents ranging from public contracts to concessions and focuses its efforts on ensuring the entity’s compliance with legal requirements and standards.  Novolegal also assists private economic operators with the required preparation for the submission of successful bids as well as their pre and post contractual rights and obligations at law. In fact our team has represented both public entities as well as private economic operators before the Public Contracts Review Board and appellate courts.

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Businesses of all sizes can gain substantially from offering their services, works, and goods through the hundreds of public offers published annually by government agencies. Our services are designed to help businesses seek bidding opportunities, submit successful bids, and represent clients before the Appeals Board and Court of Appeal.

Novolegal may also aid economic operators in preparing the appropriate documentation for participation in public contract and concession contract selection procedures, as well as in addressing any contract-related difficulties. The firm may provide assistance in such area by drafting legal opinions on aspects of the offers, and formal letters to the contracting authority in respect to the selection method or contract performance.

The team at Novolegal offers advise on a regular basis to handle difficulties from the standpoint of each and every individual involved within the procurement process. Before and after their bidding processes have been challenged, we assist contracting authorities and utilities operators in assessing compliance with European Union law requirements and standards, as well as dissatisfied bids challenging the award of a public contract or a concession contract.

    How can novolegal assist?

    • Provision of legal advice and assistance in relation to rights and obligations within the context of public procurement law and concession regulations to both economic operators and public entities

    • The drafting and review of tender documents

    • Advice and assistance with tender submission

    • Advice, assistance and representation before the Public Contract Review Board and appellate courts.

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