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Issuers seeking to conduct an offer of their securities to the public are faced with numerous challenges they need to overcome and various decisions which need to be taken. novolegal is here to assist.

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Malta is an established financial centre when it comes to a sound regulatory framework for consumer protection, market surveillance and prudential supervision. This offers several benefits for companies that arrive at a stage in the life of the company that needs external financing to sustain their growth through an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”). The income generated from the issue of shares allows the company to carry out further capital expenditure and repayment of debt to facilitate the company’s growth. The Companies Act regulates the requirements needed for an offer to the public, such as what would need to be included in the prospectus and the issuing company’s capital requirements. The client may then wish to proceed to listings on the different markets offered within Malta as a jurisdiction such as the IFSM, Main Market or Prospects.

How can novolegal assist?

novolegal can assist throughout the whole process starting from understanding the client’s needs, advising on regulatory requirements to eventual drafting of the necessary documentation and ultimately guidance throughout the process to ensure a successful outcome allowing the company to access much-needed financing.

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