The Omnibus Directive “Article IV” 

A new deal for consumers in the EU   On 7th of January 2020, Directive 2019/2161 of the European Parliament and the Council as regards the better enforcement and modernisation of Union consumer protection rules, also known as the ‘Omnibus’ Directive came into force. It is the outcome of the so-called


The New Eco-friendly Retail Investment Grant Scheme 

 The production and distribution of single-use plastic has been prohibited within Malta as of January 2021, in collaboration with the long environmental and sustainability development targets established within Malta’s budget for 2021. Furthermore, in the beginning of January 2022, the selling of such plastic products will be prohibited.    To this end,


The MDIA’s role in Malta’s digitalization

In an interview conducted by Business Now, the Malta Digital Innovation Authority’s (MDIA) Chief Operations Officer Francois Piccione explains how his role primarily involves reinforcing internal structures and discovering new endeavours so that the Authority, which he describes as ‘still quite new, yet willing to grow’, can keep up with