Malta is considered to be the European centre for remote gaming and through the years has established itself as a serious and well-regulated European jurisdiction within this sector. The reputation gathered, together with the favourable Malta gaming licence costs and tax regime and a regulator which adopts a hands-on approach continue to make Malta the jurisdiction of choice for gaming operators.

The growth of the gaming industry in Malta is an undeniable breakthrough story, one which continues to go from strength to strength.

The reputation together with the favourable licence fee & costs and gaming tax regime, without a doubt, continues to make Malta the jurisdiction of choice for gaming services/operations for most operators within the industry.

Malta prides itself on being a microcosm of Europe and now one of the most trusted hubs in Gaming. A European Union member state, situated at a strategic point at the heart of the Mediterranean has made Malta an attractive prospect for companies looking to settle here.

Running their companies in the country means that business owners can offer their employees a good quality of life with economic stability. Malta is also home to a powerful and firm regulatory framework called the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which seeks to benefit both operators and players. It aims to ensure that gaming is fair and operators follow legislation and best practices. All this can make companies based in Malta look more attractive to potential customers.

Online gaming comprises 12% of the Maltese economy, generating €700 million and employing around 6,400 people. The gaming sector is one of the largest sectors in Malta to employ expats from all corners of the world. More than 250 gaming companies, including giants like Betsson, Tipico, Betfair, call Malta home.

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