novolegal provides support in aviation and yachting to both local and international clients, irrespective of their role in the transaction.  Each industry is supported by a sound set of laws and advantages which are as diverse as they are comprehensive. Malta's position is key, novolegal's is too.

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Boasting a sound set of aviation laws, its membership with EASA and the corresponding high safety standards, the vast regime of unilateral and double taxation treaties and seemingly endless fiscal benefits, Malta's reputation in the aviation industry is of no surprise. Whether owner or operator, we can can assist with all legal and fiscal aspects relevant to your craft and activity.




Malta’s long maritime tradition and culture have led to the country becoming a well-established  ship register under which all types of vessels, from pleasure yachts to oil rigs may be registered, where the benefits are geographical, reputational and fiscal and the services distinctive and complete. We can assist with each facet of your transaction, covering all legal, registration and financial details.


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