Succession Planning

An effective plan is fundamental for the smooth transition of your wealth or business to future generations.  Reach out to novolegal's team of multidisciplinary professionals to help you identify and overcome the challenges posed when planning your succession. 

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When it comes to succession planning, knowledge of the relevant regulatory framework and foresight are fundamental factors that are required to effectively transfer one’s wealth or business to future generations. Putting the right plan in place will ensure that no unexpected complications are faced, which may result in unplanned taxation, unnecessary costs or potential losses.

Whether passing on one’s business or wealth, maximising on the benefits available will protect your estate by implementing tax efficient and effective strategy.

In terms of business, assistance may be required not only in terms of planning but also in relation to professional valuation, tax liability that may become due, as well as the possibility of duty that heirs may incur.

How can novolegal assist?

novolegal’s team of legal professionals and expert consultant have gathered years of experience in delivering tailor-made advice to business and families alike. Our goal is to safeguard your interests and implement a plan that will secure your legacy for generations to come.

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