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Positioned as one of the leading economies within the European Union, Malta offers excellent opportunities for individuals seeking relocation. When considering the shining Mediterranean climate, the booming economy, the consistent geo-political stability, and Malta’s ranking as one of the safest countries on earth, the island-nation boldly stands out as an optimal choice for one’s second home.

Malta is also the only jurisdiction worldwide that enjoys European Union membership, and English as an official language, whilst also forming part of the Schengen Area, Eurozone, and Commonwealth.

The jurisdiction’s excellent international relations significantly ease international mobility, with visa-free access to over 170 countries. As Europeans, citizens of Malta may also freely opt to live, study and work throughout the European Union.  

Malta also offers attractive personal and corporate fiscal regimes, further bolstering the jurisdiction’s appeal for the relocation, or expansion, of one’s business.

Over the years, the Maltese Government has implemented various programmes to attract and cater for the immigration demands of high net worth individuals, allowing for the prospect of Maltese residence and citizenship through investment. Most notably, the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) and the Malta Residence and Visa Programme (MRVP).

The MIIP has become one of the leading citizenship by investment programmes available worldwide, and is considered as the gold standard in terms of its thorough due diligence process. Within a minimum period of 12-months, a combination of residence, investment, contribution, and title over immovable property, applicants and their dependents may be granted Maltese citizenship through naturalisation.

The MRVP has been more recently introduced, mirroring a similar structure to that of the MIIP in terms of the programme requirements, which include an investment, a contribution and title over immovable property. Under the MRVP, applicants and their dependents are granted a Certificate of Residence that is valid for life, subject to the applicant’s maintenance of the programme’s eligibility criteria.

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Our immigration lawyers at novolegal have years of experience on advising and assisting private clients on the various programmes, since their inception. Our team is available to discuss your needs so as to identify the most suitable immigration solutions, together with the ability to offer bespoke advice on ancillary matters related to your taxation, real estate, and corporate matters.

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